Behavioral Health Services

Professional Services

Professional Services allows Sol to provide our clients Psychosocial Evaluations, Counseling, Therapy, Treatment, and Parenting Instruction.

Psychological Services

Psychological Sevices for Sol clients includes a diagnostic, and tests appropriate for a requested evaluation, which may include measures of current mental status, cognitive abilities and or emotional, behavioral and or social characteristics. A written report is then provided that summarizes test findings, interpretation of results, strengths and limitations, diagnosis, and recommendations for treatment and accommodations.

All services are provided in an evidence based, culturally appropriate, and ethical manner by our professional licesnced staff. For Latinos, services are provided in both Spanish and English.

Brian McNeill, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist | Psychological Services Director | Texas Tech University

Pedro Gonzalez, M.H.R., C.S.P.

Behavioral Specialist | University of Oklahoma