Sol History

On July 1991, in Pasco, Washington, a group of Latino Activists had a conversation about why our youth were dropping out of school at alarming numbers and involved in criminal activities, and what needed to be done. It was determined that our youth lacked cultural identity. Our first meeting quickly followed. It was decided that a youth Latino cultural identity gathering should be held. SOMOS (We Are) Educational Institute, a 501(c) (3), was formed. Prominent Latino scholars were brought to the gatherings to share their research, their writing, their life stories, and struggles as Latinos in our community. Presenters included the late Ricardo Sanchez, PhD, a founding member of Chicano Poetry, Antonio Sanchez, PhD, current Research Analyst for Washington State House of Representatives, Erasmo Gamboa, Professor, Chicano Studies University of Washington/Environment, the late Carlos Maldonado, PhD, Director of Chicano Studies Eastern Washington University, Irene Gonzalez, PhD, at the time the youngest appointed Public School Principal and Chemo, Spiritual Leader with Barrios Unidos-Santa Cruz, California and Pablo Perez, PhD, first Latino Superintendent for Pasco, Washington who brought bilingual education to name a few.

The purpose of SOMOS was to allow our youth to see themselves reflected in the professional speakers that we brought and to inspire our youth to say to themselves, if they can make it so can I. SOMOS exposed our youth to scholars who were like them and wrote about their community’s history, Latino contributions or impact made to our community in. Our drive was to increase their interest in attending and graduating from institutions of higher learning. After five successful annual youth conferences, each averaging about 230 participants, it became clear that we needed a permanent presence as an organization in our community.

Our Sol journey began in 2003. Rolando Rodriguez formed Sol Case Management with the goal of providing direct services to our youth and community to improve their quality of life. In 2007, we purchased and remodeled a 6,500 square foot facility in the heart of Eastern Washington, Downtown Pasco, Washington. Two of the four founding members of SOMOS Educational Institute, Rolando Rodriguez and Lorena Aranda work with Sol Case Management.

In 2009, we were given the opportunity through No Child Left Behind to directly impact Kindergarten through twelfth grade students, by providing Supplemental Educational Services. Through this artery, we are able to provide our students with the academic assistance they need in reading and math, while incorporating their cultural history. The cultural piece is achieved by allowing our students to share their story with a tutor that reflects a similar story. Sol continues to empower our children by exposing them to tutors who are college students, college graduates and certified teachers who come from like experiences and have achieved their professional goals.

Our vision has not changed from when we started our initial conversation in July 1991, to empower our youth to become productive members of our society. We will continue to provide direct services to our clients/customers to assist them overcome barriers and become productive members of our society.

Thank you for your interest in joining us in our journey.

Vision Statement :
To provide professional quality service to our customers and communities in a culturally proficient manner that will foster positive change for all our stakeholders.

Guiding Principles:
·Be accountable to our Creator, Employees, Customers, and the Community
·Empower people and the community
·Create positive change through innovation
·Pursue excellence
·Grow profitability